BTST & STBT Psychology – Hindi

⭐️BTST & STBT King (BTST & STBT will be PERFECT now)⭐️


We aim to make you an good and calculated overnight trade. All possible points to take CE or PE in index or trade in Stock, will get idea from this session.📊

📚You will Master the below-mentioned topics In this course :

▪️Index Weightage and decision to take position
▪️Candle Understanding for BTST
▪️Why Support & Resistance important for BTST trade
▪️Importance of World cues
▪️Money Management plan for BTST
▪️Why post 3.25 will take position?

Things That You Need
☆Patience and focus

By the end of the BTST & STBT session, you will be able to understand what are point work behind BTST trade psychology, according to that we can plan for BTST and will have high chances to get profit at 9.15am on next day.

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Enrolled: 12 students
Duration: 2 Days
Lectures: 8
Video: 75 Min
Level: Intermediate
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